World Sight Day

How much do you know about blindness and visual impairment? 

There are approximately 285 million people who live with low vision and blindness. 

90% of blind people live in low-income countries.

There are an estimated 19 million children who are visually impaired. 


Visual impairment plays a big role in our lives. Jonas Paul Eyewear began because of our own experience with visual impairment. 

When our son Jonas was born blind, we felt a sense of helplessness. We were so blessed to have access to some of best eye care in the world and this resulted in our son having some sight. Which is why we chose to pass this blessing along with our company. With each pair purchased, we aid in the help of providing sight to a child in need through our Buy Sight, Give Sight program. 

In addition, every second Thursday in October, we celebrate World Sight Day. A day to focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment. 

Because this day is so near and dear to our hearts, we wanted to give back in a new way. Every purchase you make on October 12th, you will save $10. In addition, this $10 will go towards 10 Vitamin A supplements (1 year supply) that will help prevent blindness and disease for children in the developing world. 

What’s the importance of Vitamin A Supplements? 

Vitamin A deficiency is the leading cause of preventable childhood blindness. 

World Health Organization estimates that as many as 190 million children, especially in Africa and Southeast Asia, suffer from VAD.

Every year is it estimated that 670,000 children will die from VAD and 350,000 will go blind.

With just one dollar, you can supply a year’s worth of Vitamin A supplements for one child. 

By helping your child with sight, you are helping a child in need. 

Shop our styles & make a difference!


“Helping Students See a Better Future”

We recently sent frames over to Rochester, NY where they personally have helped over 950 students in Rochester City School District, with doctor visits at East School 9 times and 13 times at local elementary schools. 

We were so happy that we were able to partake in part of this contribution! 🙂 


 She is rocking her new frames! 

Every purchase you make, you are making a difference in a child’s life. #BuySightGiveSight

Learn more at Our Impact page. 

from Jonas Paul Eyewear – News

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