Fall into Autumn Memories

Fall is here! And in celebration of fall and family, we’ve put together a list of activities for the whole crew. 

1. Take a walk.

Drift through the neighborhood to see the fall decorations popping up on the porches of your neighbors. Or drive to the woods, the mountains, the park, just to stroll. No daylong hikes here; just a leisurely time to be in rhythm with your family. 

2. Pick apples.

If you’re in such a location to be able to do so, apple picking is a sweet and gratifying way to gather your family for a fun Fall activity. Plucking fruit from tree to tree gives kids an appreciation for growing, gathering, and enjoying a harvest. 

3. Make Something.

Anything, really. A drawing. A story. A blanket. A cake. (or Apple Crisp from those apples you picked 😉 ) Something that doesn’t require a lot of mental effort but keeps your hands busy. Sharing experiences, crafting a product, and focusing together do wonders to make your child feel special. 

4. Learn Something. 

How about taking a family cooking class? Or a dance class? Or attending a yoga session? The local library may have a calendar of community events as well. Putting yourself in the position of students shows your kids the merits of humility, curiosity, and not taking yourself too seriously – values definitely worth passing down to them.

5. A little less doing, a little more being.

Embrace the fatigue and just sit together. Because why not? Perhaps you could rest on a blanket outside if it’s warm enough; if not, the living room floor is perfect, too. See what happens when you share a little square for a few moments.

Catching our drift? We hope this list strikes you as a bit underwhelming, because it is. Because it’s okay to be underwhelming, to just rest, to work on being present for your kids. That’s what Fall calls us back to, year after year. Presence. In this season, we come down from the fever of summer with a readiness to rest and be present together. 

Enjoy your Fall! Share with us photos of you and your family celebrating your favorite Fall activities.

-the Jonas Paul Eyewear team

(photo from Instagram: @Romans58 // frames in photo are Paul // Paige in Black)

from Jonas Paul Eyewear – News https://jonaspauleyewear.com/blogs/news/68926595-5-fall-activities-for-the-family

from Jonas Paul Frames http://jonaspaulframes.tumblr.com/post/152237438792


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