Buying Kids Glasses Online is Easy (and Fun) with the Free Home Try-On Kit from Jonas Paul

Did you know that its actually easier (and more fun) to buy kids glasses online?

Read the Top 6 reason’s below & watch this short, adorable home try-on video from Emily Loeffelman!

1. Its more comfortable for your child. Kids LOVE trying on the glasses in the comfort of their own home with our Free Home Try-On Kit.

2. Its less stressful! You don’t have to drag your family around to multiple optical stores only to be disappointed with the boring selection.

3. Did we mention its less stressful? You don’t have to try to keep your other children entertained while finding a pair your child likes.

4. The eyeglasses (including free Rx lenses) arrive on your doorstep a few days later!

5. Its FUN! Kids love trying on all the frames, and it get’s them excited about wearing cool glasses. Yes, you heard right, kids are actually excited about wearing Jonas Paul Eyewear glasses!

6. You can make an impact! With every pair of childrens glasses you purchase, Jonas Paul Eyewear will donate a new pair to a child in need! Its never too early to talk about philanthropy with your children, and this is the perfect way for your children to make an impact and start the discussion!

from Jonas Paul Eyewear – News

from Jonas Paul Frames


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